Your Extended Team

We Specialise in Individual & Brand Alignment

We support and work with our clients to create Clear & Structured Pathways, connecting “WHO” they are with “WHAT” they do, unlocking their full potential and creating an environment for sustained growth.

How We Work ⇒ At Dakota Ross, we see ourselves as part of your “Extended Team” and as such, we prioritise working with fewer clients so that we can dedicate more time to work deeply and purposefully with you. Let’s share a bit more about what Individual and Brand Alignment means to us.

Individual (Self) Alignment

What is Self Alignment --
To us, self alignment is about bridging the gap between who you are and what you do.

What do they gain from it --
People want feel a sense of growth; to bring more of who they really are into what they do; unlock their full potential; feel more motivated, inspired and a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Who does this help --
People who are in a transition and looking for something more; transitioning from an athlete into business; a person looking for a new career or to connect more to their existing career; a path to meaningful growth.

How do they change because of it --
They have a better appreciation, understanding & relationship with their authentic self, which tends to result in stronger self belief & confidence, leading to a deeper awareness & connection to what motivates them.

Brand Alignment

We look at a brand as a human. Aligning WHO the brand is, with WHAT the brand does, and with WHOM it does it for.

We believe a brand is a reflection of its people. The strongest brands deliver an environment where the core values and vision of the executive leaders aligns with the natural talent, expertise and passion of each team member.

When a brand is aligned, its full potential can be unlocked, enhancing its corporate culture, products or services and brand experience for employees, brand partners, and of course, customers.


Self Alignment
& Transition Coaching

Listening & Communications


Experiential &


Below are some of the areas we have supported and advised our clients on while working with them.

  • Self Awareness Assessment – Core Values, Dimensions and Traits
  • Talent & Skills Assessment – Awareness of and knowing the difference between them.
  • Unlocking your Unique Genius – Establishing a Path to reaching your full potential
  • Career Alignment – Assessing & Creating Tools and defining a process to align to your unique genius with your career.
  • Future Planning & Goal Setting – Development a sense of where you want to go and how to get there.
  • Full Team & Brand Audit
  • Brand Creation / Redevelopment
  • Talent Attraction, Development & Retention
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Product Development
  • User Journey Development
  • Target Audience Segmentation
  • Experience Design
  • Communications Strategy
  • Relationship Management (internal teams, suppliers, consumers)


Kodi Lewis

Self Alignment & Transition Coach

Throughout my life, I have realised that the times I was using my full potential – at my best, or the fondest memories I have, came when I had the support, advise and environment to be my authentic self, bridging who I am with what I was doing – either as an athlete competing, or at times, at work. So now this is what I love and want to provide and support others with → why I do what I do!

Tennis and being an athlete had always been who I was and who I knew myself as, so transitioning to a new career was tough as I thought I had to let go of those core elements of my identity to start over – however, I have learnt that not only can I still be and always will be a tennis player (maybe not a professional one), I can bring most of what I have learnt as a tennis player, an athlete and the experiences I’ve had throughout my life and bridge them into my new career! 

A quick snapshot of me so far, I was born in Barbados, served time in a British boarding school from 8 to 11; started my athlete career as a swimmer, then transitioned to Tennis and represented Barbados in both. I went to University at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) on a scholarship, but while playing there I suffered a very bad back injury that ended my tennis career. At that point, when I graduated (BS in International Business), I moved to the UK for 3 years to experience something different and then moved back to Barbados in 2009 to help support by brother’s tennis career by creating and running Tennis pon de Rock – the biggest tennis event ever held on the island – to raise funds for him, other players and the Tennis Association (this was also an attempt to stay connected to who I was).

The event had both great success and hard failures, which lead to my being a bit lost over the following years, ultimately leading me to start my own journey to re-find and connect to who I am and who I want to be. Again, I found myself in an environment where I had people to advise and support me – which changed my life… and I fell in love with that process.

So today, I support people to unlock their full and unique potential, so they can transition to who they want to be and connect this to what they do. 

At Dakota Ross, we see ourselves as part of your “Extended Team” and as such, we prioritise working with fewer clients so that we can dedicate more time to work deeply and purposefully with you.

Alex Weetch

Creative Strategy & Brand Coach

Alex helps strategically and creatively connect the dots between teams, broader business objectives, and sustained brand growth. 

Before Dakota Ross was established in 2019, Alex consulted both directly with clients and brands, or as a freelance consultant through large agencies. 

Mount Gay Rum Global became a key client of his in 2018, and was then transitioned to Dakota Ross in 2019. To date, Alex has helped Mount Gay connect 320 years of passion and heritage to their current brand and business purpose. A highlight was creating and executing the physical and digital experience, internal training tools, and guidelines for the premium Mount Gay Distillery Experience. Through Dakota Ross, the relationship with Mount Gay has grown to include planning and executing the Round Barbados Race Regatta, creating the eSports partnership with World Sailing, and developing and implementing the global Mount Gay sailing strategy.

Before 2018, Alex pursued his Strategy career in both Sydney and London at various creative, social, digital, brand and media agencies including: R/GA; Naked Communications; The Conscience Organisation; Zenith; and National Geographic. 

He has helped lead or support brands such as Nike, Puma, Toyota, Lexus, Google, Android, YouTube, Samsung, Nestlé, Qantas, Carlton & United Beverages, Lion, Brown Forman, Chevrolet, HP, and Vestas.  

Luis Fuentes

Strategic Performance Coach

Our Extended Team and Coach.

Luis brings a wealth of experience in coaching through his background as a 40-year tennis coach, plus many years of experiential implementation of sales theories.

Sports has always played a major role in Luis’s life. From competing in junior and high school sports, to being a college scholarship athlete while completing his degree in education with a minor in business. He reached the pinnacle of basketball, playing in the semi-professional AAU leagues, and was invited for tryouts for the USA team to compete in the boycotted 1980 Moscow Olympics. After college, his love of sports and education lead him into teaching tennis and becoming a certified United States Professional Tennis Association coach in 1986.

During the 1980s Luis also set up and managed tennis and golf-specific retail sports businesses, and with his sales ability, entered into the highly competitive automotive industry. It is here that Luis gained valuable experience and knowledge through years of specialty training courses in sales and leasing theories, which eventually led to acquiring a new automobile dealer’s license and opening Autosave, one of the first remote car purchasing and leasing operations, a concept preceding Carvana and others by 35 years.

In 1994 Luis moved to Barbados where he started the Fuentes Tennis International Tennis Academy, as well as taking on the role of Davis Cup Captain for the Barbados team from 1996 to 2000, which at the time consisted of three FTI players including Kodi Lewis.  From 2009, Luis collaborated with Kodi on the “Tennis pon de Rock” fundraising initiative, and then with him founded Dakota-Ross to pioneer a sports-forward and experiential approach to helping our clients grow.

Dr. Janelle Chase-Mayers

Mental Health Consultant & Creative Systemic Therapist

Our Extended Team and Coach

Dr. Janelle Chase-Mayers is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Mental Health Consultant and Creative Systemic Therapist, a master facilitator, and a current PhD scholar. Janelle uses sociometry and experiential activities to engage her audience to create movement and change within their particular social spaces. She is committed to facilitating training and webinars in mental health, and optimal performance for redefining corporate spaces, businesses, and families. Janelle has worked as a leading therapist and facilitator for twelve years at the SAF Inc. and Therapeutic Alliance Wellness.

She is also a part-time lecturer at the Barbados Community College and University of West Indies in the Social Work and Psychology divisions. Her teaching specialty is group dynamics and group interpersonal relationships. Janelle is additionally a wellness coach and manages her own cross fit gym, training elite athletes and seniors to optimise their performance. The emphasis on wellness is to help individuals to realise that their wellness impacts their productivity and performance. 

She is also the owner of the Fit Chic Movement which focuses on the integrated wellness of women throughout their developmental stages of life. Additionally, she leads the team at Therapeutic Alliance Training which provides workshops and seminars on personal development. She is the Chief Heart Operator of Grief Recovery Works and specialises in corporate grief training.

Jacqui Lewis

Experiential & Psychodrama Therapist

Our Extended Team and Coach

“I specialise in the fundamentals of what makes us human – understanding the basic needs of people and meeting those at the mental, physical and spiritual level.”

Jacqui incorporates several different methods of psychotherapy and experiential therapy into her own unique and holistic approach, with the end goal being to strengthen the relationship individuals have with themselves and those around them.

Jacqui has spent 33 years helping her clients deal with challenges across a wide range of areas – from workplace, family, and couples’ therapy to psychotherapy, addiction, and chemical abuse.

She has studied at the University of Miami in addiction, with Hazelden in chemical dependency, and was the Co-Founder of the Substance Abuse Foundation Inc Barbados and the clinical director there for 12 years. 

Certified in Clinical Supervision (CSTD Bath) and a certified Experiential Therapist (CET 2) member of the International Society for Experiential Professionals (ISEP), Jacqui has been specialising in trauma for the last 15 years.

She helps her clients build their own ‘recovery plan’ for life, utilising many experiential modalities including art, sports, adventure, music, psychodrama, sculpting, somatic work, team building, and yoga/mindfulness techniques.

Dr. Ted Klontz

Psychologist, Leadership Coaching & Communications Specialist

Our Extended Team and Coach

Ted is an Associate Professor of Practice of Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance at Creighton University Heider College of Business. He is the Founder and CEO of Klontz Consulting Group, and Co-Founder and Director of the Financial Psychology Institute®.  He lives in Boulder, Colorado.  

He has a 40+ year career in counseling, consulting and advising that has included authoring, co-authoring and/or contributing to seven financial psychology-related books: Mind over Money – Overcoming the Money Disorders that Threaten Our Financial Health; Wired for Wealth; Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge; Facilitating Financial Health; Financial Therapy – Theory, Research and Practice; The Money Mammoth; and The Psychology of Financial Planning.

He is a published researcher, professional speaker, and trainer with corporate groups focusing on communication skill development and anxiety management. 

Ted is a designer and facilitator of workshops (including: “Exquisite Listening®”, “Ultimate Listening”, “Touching Mortality”, and “Experiential Tools for Change”); consultant to major entertainment management groups; consultant to the United States Defense Department, and has a private practice focused on working with professional athletes / entertainers and financial professionals.

He has served in expert roles as an advisor to Congressional Committees, and is regularly quoted in national and international media including: The Today Show; CNN; Good Morning America; Larry King Live; Oprah Winfrey; NPR; The Wall Street Journal; Money magazine; and The New York Times. Ted’s Healing Money Issues Workshop was featured on ABC News’ 20-20 and Good Morning America. He was also featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network. He has served as one of the founding Executive Officers of the National Financial Therapy Association, and is Co-Founder of Your Mental Wealth®, a direct to consumer personal finance brand.


We are proud to have collaborated on a number of great projects, with some fantastic teams.

Thank you.

We look forward to chatting with you, and perhaps becoming your extended team.

Kodi, Alex and Team